Hatsan USA Air Rifle Bull Boss .177 Caliber

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Hatsan USA Air Rifle Bull Boss .177 Caliber

The Hatsan BullBoss.177 caliber QE sets the new standard as to what to expect out of a bullpup air rifle and the price you should have to pay for premium features. Though short and compact, in reality the BullBoss hides deceptively well a 23? long Quiet Energy suppressed German steel barrel that delivers velocities as high as 1170 fps using lead pellets! (1170 fps - .177 cal / 1070 fps - .22 cal / 970 fps - .25 cal)- All with the standard Hatsan features that provide an incredible value at the price point.

The Hatsan BullBoss bullpup PCP includes the Quiet Energy suppressed barrel which has been tested by us and shown to severely reduce the report of the gun. It's quiet enough to fire without disturbing your neighbors if you'd like to practice in the backyard. The BullBoss includes Quattro Trigger that is a two stage fully adjustable match trigger. You?ll love the weight displacement of the bullpup design that really distributes the 8.6 lbs of the gun well to make this a joy to shoot and creates a situation where follow-up shots are incredibly easy as you can keep the gun shouldered while operating the smooth side lever of the BullBoss. A lot to love about this new bullpup from Hatsan USA. 

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