BIRCHWOOD CASEY Perma Blue® Liquid Gun Blue 3 ounce

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Perma Blue™ Gun Blue Cleaner (BC13125) by Birchwood Casey®. Liquid. Volume: 3 fl. oz. Birchwood Casey™ offers you the best ways to touch up scratches and worn spots or even completely reblue most guns. It will give a non-streaky, even blue-black finish to steel (except stainless). Both Perma Blue™ Liquid Gun Blue and Paste Gun Blue provide great blueing to metal that has already been thoroughly cleaned and is free of rust. Perma Blue™ Paste Gun Blue is slower to darken than Liquid Gun Blue, but will build up a denser finish.


  • This is a Special Order product and, therefore, Non-Cancellable and Non-Returnable
  • PERMA BLUE™ Liquid Gun Blue will not blue stainless steel, aluminum or non-ferrous metals

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