BOSS BUCK Lid-55 Gallon Slip on 3"

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This 3' Deep, Galvanized Steel Slip-on Lid for a 55-gallon feeder is very practical. Its heavy 9lb. weight is enough to ensure that wind, rain and critters cant remove it and get to the feed. Fits most 55-gallon drums. Constructed of 18-gauge Galvanized steel.

Tip: Use these lids at the deer camp to cover trash cans and barrels and keep critters out of your trash.

Specifications for Boss Buck Lid-55 Gallon Slip:

Additional Features:55 Gallon

Features of Boss Buck Lid-55 Gallon Slip

  • Fits most 55-gallon drums
  • Wind, rain and critter resistant
  • 18-gauge steel
  • Size: 23-3/4 I.D. x 3 Deep

Package Contents:

  • Boss Buck Lid-55 Gallon Slip

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